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Homemade Gumpaste Recipe

Maggie Austin's Gumpaste Recipe

(makes about 1 lb)

75 g pasteurized egg whites 382 g confectioner's sugar

19 g tylose powder ≈12 g vegetable shortening

In a stand mixer bowl fitted with a paddle attachment, combine egg whites & confectioner's sugar for about 1-2 minutes. (If you are coloring the entire batch 1 color, add it in with the egg whites I add in a half a capful of clear vanilla at this point). It will look like Royal icing at this point. With mixer off, add tylose. Mix on low until powder is mixed in then increase speed to medium for about 15 seconds. Add in about half of the shortening & mix until incorporated. Using a very stiff, but flexible spatula, scrape mixture onto a nonporous work surface. Knead with the remaining shortening until incorporated. Wrap the gumpaste in plastic wrap & store in a zip lock bag. Don't let it sit too long unwrapped. Gumpaste dries out very quickly. Let it develop for a few hours or overnight for best results. Use within 2 weeks.

Maggie Austin is a world renowned cake decorator & author of: Maggie Austin Cake: Artistry and Technique. She teaches classes in Alexandria, VA

Her gumpaste recipe is based on the original recipe by Nicholas Lodge of The International Sugar Art Collection School of Sugar Art in Atlanta, GA.


Use a good kitchen scale to weigh out your ingredients.

Before using, work in a small lump of shortening to recondition it or when adding color. Gel colors work best. Use vinyl or nitrile gloves to prevent staining of your skin. I don't use latex because so many people have latex allergies. (As a retired RN, I have seen too many severe allergic reactions.)

Wash your hands frequently when working with gumpaste. The natural oils on your skin can discolor the gumpaste.

If adding a lot of color (eg: Red, Black, Burgundy) & the gumpaste gets too soft, work in some cornstarch. If you need to use the fresh gumpaste right away, Mix equal amounts of the fresh gumpaste with older gumpaste.

Always keep the gumpaste covered with plastic when not in use. It dries out FAST!

If the gumpaste dries out too much, but it is less than the 2 weeks old, reconstitute it with a little egg white & shortening.

To prevent edges drying out after rolling out & cutting your shapes, rub the edges with a little shortening. It also helps with “elephant” or “alligator” skin.

If you get a little egg white on an area you don't want, dab the area with a little cornstarch. Brush it off after it dries. The area will take the petal dust later. If working with dark colored gumpaste. Use petal dust on the area instead of cornstarch. I sometimes mix the 2 together. The petal dust isn't as absorbent as cornstarch.

If I think I may only need a small amount of gumpaste over the next week or so, I only make a half batch of the gumpaste.

37.5 g pasteurized egg whites 196 g confectioner's sugar

9.5 g tylose powder ≈6 g vegetable shortening

For the most part, I use a pasta roller to roll out my gumpaste. It gives a consistant thickness. I even use it to help me with the gradations in the size of my cutters which are static sizes. Eg: a 50mm rose petal cutter. To start the center & for 2 rows, I roll out on 6. Then cut 2-3 forms with the 5 petal rose cutter, thin the edges & apply to my foam core. Then I roll out on 5 & cut 1-2 forms with the same cutter. When I thin them out, they are just a tiny bit larger. Then I do the same with the 60mm cutter, etc.

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